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That might sound pointless if you have real problems and need them fixed. But when we bottle things up we get ill. I did it for years.

I trained as a psychotherapist to share what I’ve been learning since then — how life can be fun again, and how to heal yourself (yes, I know how that sounds…). I was terrible at this, and I’m not alone: three men kill themselves for every woman. Men and boys are suffering silently everywhere.

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Healing Guys - Psychotherapy for Men & Boys
Healing Guys - Psychotherapy for Men & Boys3 weeks ago
Evidence from Bob Greig, Director of OnlyDads, which supports parents through separation, at the inquiry into the mental health of men and boys by the Women and Equalities Committee. Thank you for shining a light Bob.

"For us, it is seeing dads who say they have been falsely accused of domestic abuse who sometimes cannot see their children for three, four or maybe five months. The family courts seem to accept huge tranches of time before they sort these matters out. I would just highlight the levels of frustration that those fathers experience during those times as probably the pinnacle of frustration, because there is nothing they can do."

"We see many men suffering with depression, and sometimes depression and anxiety. In the conversations I have had over the 11 to 12 years of running OnlyDads, three things come up as a cause. In terms of the importance of the subject matter, many men feel unable to talk about how much they love the child and, if there is a dispute going on about that child, nothing is more important for that dad. In terms of the time it takes to get matters sorted with mum or through mediation or, ultimately, through family courts, those delays can run easily into years, not months. The third is universal; I have hardly spoken to a dad who has been through divorce or separation and who does not highlight this. It is that sense of isolation and the lack of support, not only perhaps losing their child through nasty Children Act proceedings or whatever but the loss of social circles as well. Many feel an inability to talk to friends. That feeling of isolation ultimately feeds that depression."

"There is something about family courts that act like a Taser to some men. Really competent and articulate men I have spoken to find it impossible to go into a courtroom and argue their case. The first time that happened, I was surprised, but it has happened over the years to many men. I am thinking of a local man to me — an academic engineer — who was just unable to do that."

"Court is frightening. Leaving your relationship with your children in the hands of a third party, where it could go wrong, is the ultimate gamble, I suppose, to some dads. There is something in all our minds: “Courts are for criminals, not for me. I have done nothing wrong.” There is the whole façade and interior of many court buildings. They are stark, unwelcoming and unfriendly places."