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That might sound pointless if you have real problems and need them fixed. But when we bottle things up we get ill. I did it for years.

I trained as a psychotherapist to share what I’ve been learning since then — how life can be fun again, and how to heal yourself (yes, I know how that sounds…). I was terrible at this, and I’m not alone: three men kill themselves for every woman. Men and boys are suffering silently everywhere.

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We’ll discuss what you’d like to get out of counselling and if you decide to continue we’ll begin with weekly sessions for a minimum of six sessions.

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  • Join me for a coastal walk and talk in St Agnes to turbo charge the therapeutic value of your session — exercise and nature are powerful healers
  • Visit my therapy room in Truro with free parking
  • Skype from anywhere — you’ll need a private room and good WiFi

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Statistics on male disadvantage William Collins’ alarming presentation at the International Conference on Men’s Issues 2018, shows how UK government policy across justice, health and education discriminates against men. Watch in…


Healing Guys - Psychotherapy for Men & Boys
Healing Guys - Psychotherapy for Men & Boys1 week ago
American Psychological Association on 'Harmful masculinity' and violence:
"The concept of gender roles is not cast as a biological phenomenon, but rather a psychological and socially constructed set of ideas that are malleable to change..."

Jordan B Peterson:
"It's increasingly shameful to be a psychologist. Notice (1) that the article is anonymous; (2) that the same organization won't denounce safe space culture, despite its clear psychological inadvisability.

"Also, the solid evidence indicates that there is a solid minority of boys who are aggressive at age two, and that most of them are properly socialized, despite that, by age four--and in no small part by the men in their lives."