More teens have a smartphone than a father

Nick Langford works in further education and has published books on family law. Here he documents the causes of worsening adolescent mental health in the UK and its links to single motherhood. He argues that cohabiting families are inherently unstable compared to married families and the most damaging influence on children is uncertainty and instability. Cohabiting, the fastest rising type of household, constitutes 15% of households yet 52% of family breakdowns. Of parents who are still together when their child reaches 15 years of age, 93% are married.

Statistics on male disadvantage

A written version of William Collins’ presentation at the International Conference on Men’s Issues 2018 (ICMI18) in London shows how UK government policy across justice, health and education discriminates against males.

Men’s advocates and the journalists who hate them

I attended the International Conference on Men’s Issues 2018 (ICMI18) and was shocked at the data presented and the subsequent misrepresentation of the event in the press. This piece by Janice Fiamengo in American Thinker summarises both.

The demonisation of young men on university campuses

Janice Fiamengo’s presentation at ICMI18 is useful for understanding how the peculiar difficulties that men and boys are experiencing in education exacerbate their trouble with mental illness.

Don’t take a fence down until you know why it was put up

I found this eloquent presentation by Rev. Jules Gomes unexpectedly moving. His is the unique perspective of a feminist priest who helped to bring about the ordination of women, only to regret it. He reminds us (like Jordan Peterson does) of the value of archetypal stories and says the most important distinction god makes in the creation myth is between male and female. Civilisation is built on dams like marriage (the restraining of sexual urges), and we suffer existential confusion when we ignore the biological basis of gender and the complementary strengths of male and female.


The full ICMI18 lecture playlist

This trove of information from 20 diverse perspectives testifies, at heart, to an advanced stage of decline in Western liberal values, deep collective confusion in our private lives and misery among men, women and children. Unfortunately the powerpoint presentations are not always shown in the videos.