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Statistics on male disadvantage

William Collins’ alarming presentation at the International Conference on Men’s Issues 2018, shows how UK government policy across¬†justice, health and education discriminates against men. Watch in full here.

Men’s advocates and the journalists who hate them

Nice summary by Janice Fiamengo in American Thinker of the¬†peculiar difficulties that men and boys are experiencing, which exacerbate their trouble with mental illness. I attended the International Conference on Men’s Issues in June 2018 in London and was shocked at the data presented, and the subsequent misrepresentation of the event in the press. This piece summarises the key issues raised.

The demonisation of young men on university campuses

Janice Fiamengo’s presentation at the Internation Conference on Men’s Issues 2018 in London (ICMI18).

The full ICMI18 lecture playlist

A trove of information from diverse perspectives describing evidence of discrimination against men in Western culture and the deleterious effects it has on men, women and children.